Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Resolutions Poll

The previous poll no longer reflected information that was helpful in regards to moving towards version 3.0

I thought I might just clarify MAME resolutions and magnifications when displayed on screens which may help people in accurately answering the poll:

Standard 15kHz arcade monitor resolution = 240 vertical lines.
PC resolution magnification x2 = 480 lines which is 640x480 or 800x480 or 854x480
PC resolution magnification x3 = 720 lines which is 960x720 or 1280x720
PC resolution magnification x4 = 960 lines which is 1280x960 or 1440x960
PC resolution magnification x5 = 1200 lines which is 1600x1200 or 1920x1200
PC resolution magnification x6 = 1440 lines which will be bordered inside 2048x1536 or 2560x1600
PC resolution magnification x7 = 1680 lines which will be bordered inside 2560x2048
PC resolution magnification x8 = 1920 lines which will be bordered inside 2560x2048

Ofcourse if you use a resolution that is different to those listed above then your game will also be displayed inside borders.

All this is true when running games at a 'standard 4:3' ratio resolution.

Please answer poll honestly as it will reflect what resolutions I spend the time towards implementing first.

Any comments/inquiries or to talk about other resolutions not listed in my poll please post in forum here;


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